Saturday, 4 February 2017

Valentine Day: A serious msg to all freshers/staylites

Hello readers, how're y'all doing? Hope u've been having a nice time...and to all freshers, hope u've been enjoying ur stay on campus...well this message is so crucial to d freshers cos I know the staylites would have known their way. And we don't need to teach them how to manage their money with those Unilag babes..... 😉

OK. Without wasting much time, we all are anticipating towards Feb. 14th (Valentine day). A day of showing love to our friends and loved ones. Even before then, there wud be lots of events, shows, parries on campus and off campus. But here is d msg, DON'T BE LOST IN LOVE AND FUN. I know of people who have lost their lives on Valentine day. Some became extravagant, spendt money on their bae as if their father is the owner of World Bank...smh. And this is also the period where d ladies will collect lots of gifts and money from their various boos....we guys will now look like one fool to them..mtcheeew. And if someday dinno take them out, they'll think u're not serious with them, that u don't love them....don't mind them ooo. If u think u cannot take ur bar out for Val., pls tell her, make her aware now before its too late. And if u can't tell her, maybe bcos of how she'll react or u're shy, then look 4 a scope to break up with her. Yes, I said "break up"...not permanently ooo. Maybe after Valentine, u can now beg her to 4give u 😛.

And to d ladies, if u're in a relationship, try to understand.... No money 4 9ja (recession tinz). Try and manage with ur boo. Accept wateva he gives u. If its a peck or kiss for Valentine, no problem.

And to them Moremi, Makama, Tinubu, Amina babes if he decides to take u to Mavise or Cafe 2001, pls bear wit him. So, u think I'll mention Salado..... Never!!! (U wan wreck ur boo?). Pls, we're trying to economize tinz here. Whereas he decides to take u to lagoon front, I tink it's better....he won't even spend more than #300 on u. Soft drink= #120, 2 snacks= #100. That's #220. There's even #80 change 😉. Hmmm...u can dah one to buy table water (not even pure water dis time.....). It's not our fault oooo. Na recession cause am.

One more tin, if u're suspecting that ur boo is trying to break up with u, u don't need to b surprise. He's trying to save himself from spending on Valentine day. He still loves u. U just need to b patient with him. If he truely loves u, u'll see dat towards the month end, he'll come begging u,.....and pls 4give him. 😉

Like I said, don't be lost in love and fun on dat day.....and 4 u guys that re forming big boy (OBO), God will catch u on Feb. 14th. Pray u don't jam one Igbo gal 4rm Moremi hall or else..........u know nah.

Enjoy ur Valentine safe, be smart and to d guys "be like Arsene Wenger".....Happy Val in advance.... Don't 4get to share and drop ur comments before leaving. See ya in ma nxt post.


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