Thursday, 16 February 2017

Is this what you call "fun in the university?"

So, this is how it looked lyk...this is what people call "fun in the university". It seems to be the opposite to me. Did I just say me? I don't think I'm the only one facing these "wahalas". All freshers on campus can testify...cos, I'm sure every single 100level student has his/her own story to tell. C'mon! We're facing hell in here.

I was discussing with a 300level student yesterday... All he told me was "guy be patient, this is just the beginning of the journey". Wow! It was an interesting discussion tho....and u know what? He's a 1st class material. So, he dished out some of the things that helped him in his 1st and 2nd yr in school, how he was able to achieve his goals within those period.....that'll be a post for another day.

What the 100level students are experiencing is not funny at all. You'd be like "what the eff! should I even dropout or what? Ehn...did u just say dropout? You must be kidding....dropout in ur 1st yr in school? Uuurgh...

Or maybe we've not gotten used to the "University life" that's why we feel so stressed out doing anything in school. Lemme not even talk about the things we face when we're about to enter into the auditorium for lectures in the morning...Lol. I know a fresher will understand what I'm talking about.

Uuurgh....I'm tired & already feeling sleepy, today was a stressful one (as if other days have not been)...I need to go to bed now before I start to type dubisssh....yaaay! I've started already.

I just need to say goodbye here...see u in ma next post on..... Wait till then.

Xoxo (as if I even know d meaning).

SkyPrince (Unilag Finest Boi *tongue out*)

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