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Are you a fresher in Unilag in the Faculty of Science or Education? Here are tips on how to get at least 4.5/5.0 at the end of the semester

Dear year 1 faculty of science and education students!

I am Hammed Olawale Catalyst a year 3 mathematics and statistics student, a seasoned tutor and an advocate of common sense.

I write you today because your been a scholar i.e getting at least 4.5/5.0 at the end of this semester means everything to me. I write you today because I am positive that I would have done better if someone had written something like this for my set (be the change that you seek kind of orientation is making me do this). I write you today because I know you need proper guidance and sanguine orientation so as to reach beyond the skies. I write you today because I know you are not sure of what and what you really need so as to do exceptionally well. I write you today to add direction to your magnitude.

I will like to describe this semester as the semester FSCs because you all irrespective of your department will offer FSC 111 - 115. Now let me critically tell you how to get all A(s) in all the FSCs.


(1) FSC111 (Biology)

Please attend all classes for this course and ensure that you are actively involved by writing and asking questions when you don't get it.

Trust me you will enjoy the lecturers so much.

You will be asked to register for laboratory work please do but try not to be the first set of people to go and register because the earlier you register determines how early you do your practical on your day. This is because the first set will come down to tell you everything they would have done before you go up and trust me, it is the same thing you go and do when you get there so been second or third set on your own day gives room for asking early birds some questions which means you already have your answers ready in your head before entering the laboratory unlike them.
Don't try to write any answer on any paper before going in o.

Do not miss your 3 labs for anything!

Read your note and any other material you get. (I have a material for you for free).

Get familiar with at least 3 years examination past questions. Past question comes out a lot.

Do all that and get your A!!!

(2)FSC 112 (Chemistry)

A wonderful course it is. For the record, my highest score so far in University of Lagos is from this course.

From making you know there are four states of matter to teaching decimal places and significant figures as though it is mathematics to stoichiometry to organic chemistry are all super important as you will meet this things in your exam.

Lecture materials are super important and so is past questions. For the organic chemistry part that involves Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes, try to get other materials to support you or use the help of your seniors as organic chemistry will take a big chunk of the exam questions based on historical precedence.

You are most likely going to have to do 120 questions in 2hrs and trust me getting an A is just getting 60% of that correctly. The time will be enough and try not to forget 15 questions thinking you are through like I did in my days.

Solve recent past questions and you are on the verge of getting an 80 or more.

(3)FSC 113 (Computer)

Straight to the point, ensure you submit your visual basic assignment which will be in a compulsory #2500 textbook's manual and read that text book from page 1 to the last page.

NB: There are past questions at the back of that textbook, study them and attempt other past questions too.

The exam is most likely going to be 100 questions in 1hr so master the art of time management while practising and please understand visual basic very well as you will need the knowledge during exam.

(4) FSC 114 (Mathematics)

My wonderful department.

You know what, if you don't get an A in FSC104 after reading this it is your fault.

Read and understand the first 8 chapter of the textbook and solve all the exercise.
More so, solve up to 5years past questions over and over and over and over and over again. Don't mind my emphasis o. It helped me as FSC114 was one of my A(s) in my time.

The course surrounds complex numbers,binomial expansion, sets, trigonometry, real numbers,analytical geometry, coordinate geometry et all but trust me this things are basic.

Solve the questions in previous years and get familiar with the technique involved with those concepts.

Attempt all the exercise in that textbook you are encouraged to buy and most importantly do not be scared of the course. It is very cheap.

(5) FSC 115 (Physics)

You see, the primary reason many fail this course is FEAR.

To get an A, get Doctor Adewale's textbook, study and understand all 10 chapters and also solve all the exercise in it and you will get nothing less than an 80 as well.

If you come across concepts you don't understand,
just seek help as physics often needs to be explained by people who really understands it.

Lecturers might try to make it seems very complicated for you, please don't let that get to you. Keep studying and you will get your A.

Now I believe you have all it takes!


  1. Thanks alot, do you have some of those materials with you? If you have any on pdf. Kindly send it to me

  2. Thanks alot, do you have some of those materials with you? If you have any on pdf. Kindly send it to me

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