Friday, 3 November 2017

HOLI-day or BORING-day?

Hello guys, awayu? I'm sure u guys re good *smiles* so, how is d holiday going? Good? Mehn, to me it has been....just read on!

So, after the stress one has faced in school, the "waking up so early in the morning to rush down to class for lectures", the jacking and jacking, the overnight readings for exams (as if without it, one will fail) and so on...itz a great joy coming back home bro..miss the food (datz no.1..especially dat soup..obe *tongue out*), the comfort at home (wait oh! Which comfort is dat sef?)...and most especially, the family as a whole.
When somebody gets home..u'll na be hearing things lyk "heeeeey...omo wa ti de ooo" (since u don't know d meaning cos u schooled in Harvard *hisses*, it means "our child is back") as if somebody travelled out...itz just Unilag here oh *points finger*...smh!

If I ask maself, " how has ur holiday been?". The only good point I can give is "I eat and sleep well" (sleep well doesn't mean I sleep lyk doz lazy unilag chicks oh *side eyes*..and eat well doesn't mean i eat lyk doz Jaja boiz! *spits*) Not waking up as early as 4-5am bcos somebody one to jack one yeye course lyk dat *hisses* and going to 2001 (unilag students understand) lyk say tomorrow no dey...smh.

So, coming back home is a different ball needs to hustle...owo ni koko (in Davido's voice)...u don't expect me to be at home 24/7...naaah! I work!...thanks to Adekunle Gold for dat track "work". *chop knuckle*

I'm already missing some of my crushes on campus (not girlfriends oh...i'm even looking for one sef). Lemme not mention them here...before they carry my gist for head...I don't want problem from doz silly guys in ma dept. Make I no cast! Lol.

Anyways, we gat no shoice (in Falz voice)...we just have to face life the way we see it! A friend of mine once said he's tired of life on campus, dat d stress is too much.. Guy, dis is just the beginning...there's time for everything...the bible also tells us in the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-3 (Pastor Pwins on the mic *winks*)...every successful person has a story to tell. #fact

I'm tired of typing jare...See u in my next post... Don't forget to drop ur comments before leaving!

Unilag Pwins (that silly writa)

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