Sunday, 12 February 2017


Hello guys! Hope u've been enjoying my posts.....well, I'm new into this...and I've been trying my best.....lemme apologize for not keeping u guys updated these days....I've been hooked up with lots of works at school...pls bear with me.

Ever since I started this blog some weeks back, I've received mails and msgs from some students telling me to keep it up. Not bad...but it would be more preferable if u comment. Yes......SEND ME COMMENTS! It "gingers" me to compose and post more.... I love blogging and you're d only dat can encourage me by sharing ur thoughts on every of my posts.

Tell me what u would like to see more or less of.....I'll see what I can do. What I need from you are comments so that I can be sure dat u're reading this and appreciating it. So send in your comments.....OK?

Thank you.



"Pain" (a poem dedicated to the victims of sexual abuse)

My Pain I remember very clearly, Tears trickling down my face, The tears, coming from the damage you caused, I ask myself, "Will I...