Monday, 13 March 2017

The ULSSA President has a word for you...

The President of the University of Lagos Science Students Association, ADEGBITE MURISIQU OLALEKAN has a word for you below.:

In this modern world, "why should a literate drop something or litter the environment to be swept by an illiterate?"

In a bid to ensure active sensitisation of your subconsciousness to bring about a healthy and neat environment cos they say cleanliness is next to Godliness.

For every particular spot in the faculty, there's an erected stand indicating the needful with respect to keeping your environment clean.

Please don't just read but also adhere and make possible 100% cleanliness in your surrounding. There's a bin for every 50 step you take, not only drop your trash in the bin but also kindly help pick if need be.

God bless you as you do so.
God bless YOU
God bless ULSSA

Remember, your health is important!

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Campus Heat Awards: Fizzy'D and Jeffery need your vote....

Oh yes! The Campus Heat Awards is here.....!

Fizzy'D (Singer) and Jeffery (Dancer) need your vote to get nominated in the "Fresher's Segment" of the #CampusHeatAwards

C'mon guyz! Let's bring this home.....let's bring this to Unilag...

To nominate, visit

See photo below for more info....

"We love you...." From Fizzy'D & Jeffery

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Roy of Project Fame was seen today in Unilag

Do you know Roy Egekwu? Remember the 1st runner up of the Project Fame, season 4 (2011).

The "Omalicha" crooner was seen today in Unilag, discussing with some set of students....I'm sure its something on music...

See pics below....

Monday, 6 March 2017

Checkout this talented rapper in Unilag

I met this talented rapper in class...and I decided to video him....believe me dis guy is good!...lemme not talk too much....sit back and watch him rap to the late Dagrin's "pon pon" beat...

TBest his name.....#ListenCareful


Watch video below....

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Free Internet Access For All Unilag Students

The University of Lagos is trying all its best to make the students happy.... as they introduce free internet facilities to all students on campus.... Read and follow the instructions carefully in order to gain access.

Free Internet For Students

The Free Internet Wi-Fi would allow the students to have access to the Internet and increase knowledge within the institution, whereby elevating them to the same level with their contemporaries at other institutions of learning. With this present economy climate, students that have Internet enabled devices but can’t afford the data bundles touted by the providers making Internet access a daunting task but the fact that its free allows it to cut across all age groups within the institution.
The Free Internet Wi-Fi can be accessed around Main Library of the Univeristy of Lagos. The guidelines to benefit this free service are as follows;

1. Put off your mobile data
2. Connect to the SPOTQWIX Wireless Network named ‘SPOTQWIX’
3. Launch your browser. You will be redirected to a REGISTER/LOGIN Page
4. For First time Users. Register with a Valid Email Address and Phone Number.
5. A text message with a OTP [One Time Password] Would be sent via text message.
6. Revisit your browser and fill in your Phone Number and the OTP sent via text.
6. If details entered are correct, a success page would be shown.
7. Enjoy the free service- 2hours a day or 150mb-both cumulative and whichever comes first.

Woooo....Datz y Unilag is d best *shines teeth*

See screenshot below:


Keeler....wat an awkward name...still wondering how diz name came to life...hmmm...from the little English I know, "keeler" and "killer" are homophones (same sound) /ˈkɪlɚ/ (as if I know how to transcribe....for my mind). But how can a lady call herself "keeler"? U're also surprise? Yes.....itz a name of one girl in my dept. She said her nickname is "Keeler"....uuurgh! For Heaven's sake how come???

Well, her real name is Helen....she's beautiful (not 100% sha)....with figure infinity 😁 and I heard she's dating one guy lyk slim and handsome guy (not better than me sha).
But I don't know if he has ego (money)💵 Cos datz d main tin...if u no get money, u no fit handle any Unilag babe with ease....even Davido said it "owo ni koko" I was saying...She's dating one guy in my dept...he's name? You don't need to know...but if u can decode it, gud for u.....

You add the letter before E to what the Yoruba call "honey"....

Datz it....I know u must have gotten his name. Ur biz!

If u're looking for diz girl...just mention dat name, Keeler and they'll know who u're looking for....immediately.... To tell u how popular she is in my dept.

So, Ms. Keeler....we want to know how u got dat nickname...wat motivated u to chuz dat name.....? tell us oooo....we're waiting!

Note: This post wasn't against anyone....pls don't take it serious.

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