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Interesting tinz u need to know about Unilag babes & their hostel

I want to look for trouble ooo...I just pray I don't get attacked by doz Unilag babes *tongue out*

I came across this post online....and I've decided to share it here....Enjoy!

After reading you can agree or disagree with this school of thought. if you didn’t attend that school you cannot say for sure even though you might have heard hair rising stories concerning the subject matter….

According to iCampus: ”To fully understand UNILAG girls, you need to dig deep and know the hostel they reside in school."

There are different categories of babes in UNILAG base on their hostel.
A UNILAG babe in hostel A is distinctively different from the one in hostel B, the only two things most UNILAG babes have in common is love for money and love for chicken and chips.

There are seven female hostels in UNILAG namely: Moremi, Kofo, Madam Tinubu Hall (MTH), Honours, Makama, Fagunwa, Amina… So let’s begin with these categories.

Makama, MTH and Fagunwa Girls (SUYA GIRLS):
Makama chics: It is said that to get a girl from Makama, all you need is two hot meat pies, a chilled bottle of Fanta and she’s all yours. Please make sure the meat pies are hot and the Fanta is chilled, apparently they prefer it that way.
To get MTH and Fagunwa babes all you need is just N200 Suya and they are yours. If you’re buoyant, you can take it several notches up by buying them chicken Suya instead. things like that tickle their fancy.
These three hostels are situated close to each other inside New hall (UNILAG’s ghetto) thus making them neighbours. People say new hall girls don’t have class and some say they love to party hard ,some also say they are cheap but the truth is that they aren’t classy.
They never stay inside their hostels so it’s not unusual if you see them roaming around new hall looking for boys to buy them food .

Moremi Girls (Chicken, Chips and Nerd Girls):
To get audience with a Moremi babe you must submit a plate of chicken and chips before she’ll listen to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she will answer you it just simply means she’ll give you audience.
Moremi babes prefer older men with cars and they date guys with money and mostly club boys, but we have some good girls (nerds) amongst them.

Honours Girls (Boring Girls):
Australia is a country people know about but nobody visits, that’s exactly how Honours hall is. It’s situated in a bushy swampy area in the middle of nowhere so they barely get visitors. Surprisingly, the students’ week of Honours Hall is the best female hall week in UNILAG..

Amina Girls (Aristo Girls):
I’m pretty sure you have heard about aristo and runs-girls of UNILAG, well 70% of the aristo and runs-girl stay in Amina hall, situated at the gate area. The hall is the first point of call for the big Alhajis and chiefs; when they come to pick up girls, they quickly branch at Amina Hall, negotiate the price and leave with the girls to go and complete business outside school.
Amina hall has one mad kissing spot outside it just right in front of the Queen Amina statue.
That’s where you’ll find the broke boys without cars kissing their babes, it’s always a pleasant sight to watch.

Kofo hall:
Some Kofo girls are also into runs though theirs is coded and not rampant compared to other female hostels. Rumour has it that most Kofo girls are freshers who are mostly influenced by their opposite neighbour hostel, Amina Hall. Lots of fellowship activities often held in the hostel helps to keep the girls calm thereby reducing the wayward life style. When you ask guys about Kofo Hall some will say “they are just there”.

If u're a female student in Unilag and u're in one of doz hostels mentioned above, I'll like to hear from u...just say something..and for the guys, if u want to date any unilag babe, u can follow d list above and make ur decision ASAP...pick d ones u can afford. Gudluck in ur selection.... I signout.

SkyPrince (Unilag finest boi)

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