Monday, 20 February 2017

....So, my country is the most corrupt one on earth

was surfing the internet last night...and I saw sumtin dat baffled me. It says "Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world". Nigeria was ranked #1 amongst other countries like Iran, Colombia, Pakistan, etc.

Ever since I was a kid, we all have bn praying for Nigeria + fighting against corruption (datz abt 15yrs ago)....but itz getting worst second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.
Can we defeat corruption?

We watch on TV, listen on the radio, see on the internet, read on newspapers different news of Politicians stealing our money....millions...even billions of naira. Not only the politicians are involved but also the citizens, policemen, businessmen, MDs, Heads of dept....I cant just stop mentioning them. We all are corrupt. We keep on blaming our leaders for the downfall if dis country...the question is "What have u done to fight corruption?".

We can't fight corruption at the top without dealing with  the ones around us....the ones we see with our naked eyes....on the our our places of schools...even in the church. Yes! I said "Churches". Do u know dat we have corrupt members in churches. U're wondering how? God has instructed us to pay our tithes... 10% of our monthly salaries.... But no! We start to negotiate with God....datz when we remember we want to do one or two tinz with the money (God's money). OK! Enough of d preaching.

Well, I'm not dat kinda of dude dat loves politics alot (people like IBK. Dis guy can argue politics for Africa)...if not, I would have gone extra mile discussing about corruption.... Even mentioning some corrupt leaders in dis country. (Mouth sealed...make dem no kan arrest me.) Am still a small boi who wants to enjoy life to the fullest *tongue out*...I no get time for police and their wahala....Before they say one UnilagPwins got arrested for accusing sososo leader. Na dem sabi.

We all should join hands together to fight against corruption. Some people say it is not possible to kill corruption.... My brother it is very possible...if u believe and act towards ur belief.

Nigeria can be the best country (hmmm...big dreams). Trust me!

Sorry! if u were expecting a long post...I write as d spirit leads *winks*....see u ma next post.. #I'mOff


SkyPrince (Unilag finest boi😊)

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