Friday, 17 February 2017

Examination is around the corner....

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! How time flies....when did we even resume to meet exam around the corner. Beautiful! This is to tell us that "Time no dey"..."no time to check time". We gat few weeks to prepare towards the forthcoming exam, which is the 1st exam of the session (of the year actually). Many students have been busy preparing (lyk us *winks*) while others are still having fun.....some still celebrating Valentine (I laugh in Spanish).

"Like play like play", after March we're entering into the season of exam, the season of seriousness....and dis is the period where;

1. Library go full: It's only before/during exam that u see students using the school library..true or true? True. Some don't even know where its located not until exam time. Lol.
That's when u now see the library looking like the brt bus stop in my area....some have not done their library registration....just try to check those u know that haven't done theirs, one/two wks to the exam come back and tell me d result.

2. Overnight reading starts: I don't even know where to start from...cos this is where u categorize 99% of the students on campus. It's like without overnight reading, u can't pass...and it's during the overnight reading u meet lots of people like;
A. The sleepers: I don't need to explain....
B. The toasters: these are people that came just to woo one/two girls. That's their mission.
C. The eaters/chewing gum babes: u'll see different kinda students eating "orisirisi" and the gals chewing gum, dsturbing d peace of d class. Nawa o.
D. The preachers: some came to preach the gospel...and u can't tell them to stop cos u no want fight with God...abi nah.
E. The TO & FROs: these people own is to move around the class. Go out & come in...they're just jobless.
F. If u have others, feel free to mention them below.

3. Tutorials go sell: the kind of customers these people with get ehn..."no be small. Who no go go tutorial when u no wan fail"
And some tutorial will also carryout their own overnight classes and set their own test/exams.

The thing is everybody wanna pass and come out with a good grade....not bad...but is it possible? Is it possible for a coffin to be sold without a dead body? Absolutely NO!
Some are going to fail while some will pass...some will be suspended while some will remain. Let's tell ourselves the truth. The only way to be among the successful ones is to do what? Start preparing now. Don't wait till March or month end. Procrastination is bad..... Do it now and know it now. Well...the ball is on ur court. Wish u success in every of ur endeavor.

Hope u enjoyed i said, feel free to comment. Let's hear from u...
See u in ma next post. Don't forget to drop ur comments and share before leaving.

Thanks for have a great day.

SkyPrince (Unilag finest boi *tongue out*)


  1. Hmmm..... someone said if u want to get a seat at the library during or a week before exam, u have to be there as early as seven. Entering the library by 8 is just like entering DLI main hall when it's opened to Freshers.������
    Nice article brother!

  2. you entering DLI main hall


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