Saturday, 11 November 2017

"Pain" (a poem dedicated to the victims of sexual abuse)

My Pain
I remember very clearly,
Tears trickling down my face,
The tears, coming from the damage you caused,
I ask myself, "Will I ever be able to forget this"?

That feeling,
The feeling of strange hands on your body,
Against your will,
Your mind becomes blank,
Your tongue numb,
You struggle for freedom.. But you get hit over and over again.
You can't match his strength
So you quit struggling.

Left alone laying on rumpled sheets,
Naked and alone,
Twists of blood and tears,
For a dignity that was snatched from me.
I try to clean up the mess,
But no amount of scrubbing will remove the dirt from me,
Like a rag smeared with mud,
I"ll be stained forever.

And no, he didn't care if I lived,
All he cared about was his satisfaction,
Now I feel dirty, low, used and molested,
I will always be a victim of sexual abuse.

Or maybe not.

Maybe I'll rise..
.. and rise
.. and rise.


This poem is dedicated to all the victims of sexual abuse. No one truly understands what it feels like but you. Though the world may seem to be crashing down, in the end, you shall rise.

Written by Queen

UNILAG becomes the first university in Nigeria to get TV license

The university of Lagos Media board has once again put the institution on the top list as UNILAG TV gets endorsed by National Broadcasting Commission.

About 2-3 years ago, the media board announced the school of first choice and the Nation's pride, UNILAG as the first University to get a Radio license.

“They didn’t contact me before doing a remix of Joromi" - Prof. Victor Uwaifo accuses Simi and Jaywon of copyright theft

The veteran Nigerian singer and one-time Edo State Commissioner for Arts and Culture, Prof. Victor Uwaifo has broken his silence as he accuses music stars, Simi and Jaywon of remixing his hit song "Joromi" without seeking his permission...

He said he won't be suing them rather he wanted to use this medium to encourage Nigeria singers to always give credit to the composer of the music... Below is what he said during an exclusive chat with Vanguard Showtime...

Friday, 10 November 2017

UP Exclusive: A Facebook user comes for Pst. E.A Adeboye...

Many Nigerians have been sharing their thoughts on various religious activities must especially church issues....

A Facebook user identified as Pere Omo'Lolu Omo Osifila attacked the General overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye...saying his kind of teaching is not bible based...below is what he posted:

Thursday, 9 November 2017

"This is all new to me", a short poem

"This is all new to me

Find myself in a strange place

And your beautiful face is all i can see

I'm falling in love again

I'm so scared my fragile heart will break into pieces

I'm used to taking foolish risk 

And everytime i try i get my heart broken

What was i expecting

What you want and what u get are so different things

What am i supposed to do When all i can think of is just u and me

I am falling in love again

Oh God am so scared my mind is gonna break."

See pic below...

Friday, 3 November 2017

Singer Simi shares stunning pic (photo)

"Joromi" crooner, Simi keeps on driving her fans she shares a hot selfie on Instagram.

She weenor kee sombori....damn!

HOLI-day or BORING-day?

Hello guys, awayu? I'm sure u guys re good *smiles* so, how is d holiday going? Good? Mehn, to me it has been....just read on!

So, after the stress one has faced in school, the "waking up so early in the morning to rush down to class for lectures", the jacking and jacking, the overnight readings for exams (as if without it, one will fail) and so on...itz a great joy coming back home bro..miss the food (datz no.1..especially dat soup..obe *tongue out*), the comfort at home (wait oh! Which comfort is dat sef?)...and most especially, the family as a whole.
When somebody gets home..u'll na be hearing things lyk "heeeeey...omo wa ti de ooo" (since u don't know d meaning cos u schooled in Harvard *hisses*, it means "our child is back") as if somebody travelled out...itz just Unilag here oh *points finger*...smh!

"Pain" (a poem dedicated to the victims of sexual abuse)

My Pain I remember very clearly, Tears trickling down my face, The tears, coming from the damage you caused, I ask myself, "Will I...