Monday, 13 March 2017

The ULSSA President has a word for you...

The President of the University of Lagos Science Students Association, ADEGBITE MURISIQU OLALEKAN has a word for you below.:

In this modern world, "why should a literate drop something or litter the environment to be swept by an illiterate?"

In a bid to ensure active sensitisation of your subconsciousness to bring about a healthy and neat environment cos they say cleanliness is next to Godliness.

For every particular spot in the faculty, there's an erected stand indicating the needful with respect to keeping your environment clean.

Please don't just read but also adhere and make possible 100% cleanliness in your surrounding. There's a bin for every 50 step you take, not only drop your trash in the bin but also kindly help pick if need be.

God bless you as you do so.
God bless YOU
God bless ULSSA

Remember, your health is important!

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Campus Heat Awards: Fizzy'D and Jeffery need your vote....

Oh yes! The Campus Heat Awards is here.....!

Fizzy'D (Singer) and Jeffery (Dancer) need your vote to get nominated in the "Fresher's Segment" of the #CampusHeatAwards

C'mon guyz! Let's bring this home.....let's bring this to Unilag...

To nominate, visit

See photo below for more info....

"We love you...." From Fizzy'D & Jeffery

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Roy of Project Fame was seen today in Unilag

Do you know Roy Egekwu? Remember the 1st runner up of the Project Fame, season 4 (2011).

The "Omalicha" crooner was seen today in Unilag, discussing with some set of students....I'm sure its something on music...

See pics below....

Monday, 6 March 2017

Checkout this talented rapper in Unilag

I met this talented rapper in class...and I decided to video him....believe me dis guy is good!...lemme not talk too much....sit back and watch him rap to the late Dagrin's "pon pon" beat...

TBest his name.....#ListenCareful


Watch video below....

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Free Internet Access For All Unilag Students

The University of Lagos is trying all its best to make the students happy.... as they introduce free internet facilities to all students on campus.... Read and follow the instructions carefully in order to gain access.

Free Internet For Students

The Free Internet Wi-Fi would allow the students to have access to the Internet and increase knowledge within the institution, whereby elevating them to the same level with their contemporaries at other institutions of learning. With this present economy climate, students that have Internet enabled devices but can’t afford the data bundles touted by the providers making Internet access a daunting task but the fact that its free allows it to cut across all age groups within the institution.
The Free Internet Wi-Fi can be accessed around Main Library of the Univeristy of Lagos. The guidelines to benefit this free service are as follows;

1. Put off your mobile data
2. Connect to the SPOTQWIX Wireless Network named ‘SPOTQWIX’
3. Launch your browser. You will be redirected to a REGISTER/LOGIN Page
4. For First time Users. Register with a Valid Email Address and Phone Number.
5. A text message with a OTP [One Time Password] Would be sent via text message.
6. Revisit your browser and fill in your Phone Number and the OTP sent via text.
6. If details entered are correct, a success page would be shown.
7. Enjoy the free service- 2hours a day or 150mb-both cumulative and whichever comes first.

Woooo....Datz y Unilag is d best *shines teeth*

See screenshot below:


Keeler....wat an awkward name...still wondering how diz name came to life...hmmm...from the little English I know, "keeler" and "killer" are homophones (same sound) /ˈkɪlɚ/ (as if I know how to transcribe....for my mind). But how can a lady call herself "keeler"? U're also surprise? Yes.....itz a name of one girl in my dept. She said her nickname is "Keeler"....uuurgh! For Heaven's sake how come???

Well, her real name is Helen....she's beautiful (not 100% sha)....with figure infinity 😁 and I heard she's dating one guy lyk slim and handsome guy (not better than me sha).
But I don't know if he has ego (money)💵 Cos datz d main tin...if u no get money, u no fit handle any Unilag babe with ease....even Davido said it "owo ni koko" I was saying...She's dating one guy in my dept...he's name? You don't need to know...but if u can decode it, gud for u.....

You add the letter before E to what the Yoruba call "honey"....

Datz it....I know u must have gotten his name. Ur biz!

If u're looking for diz girl...just mention dat name, Keeler and they'll know who u're looking for....immediately.... To tell u how popular she is in my dept.

So, Ms. Keeler....we want to know how u got dat nickname...wat motivated u to chuz dat name.....? tell us oooo....we're waiting!

Note: This post wasn't against anyone....pls don't take it serious.

Friday, 24 February 2017

#UnilagTrendz: The Crocs Slippers

The #UnilagTrendz is finally here! Here, we'll be talking about the tinz trending on Campus in the University of Lagos.... Anyway, this is our first blog post on this.... THE CROCS SLIPPERS.

The trend of the Crocs slippers has gone out of hand in the University of Lagos.... Wat do I mean? Every Unilag students want to rock diz so-called Crocs.

"Crocs"...wat an awkward name. Hmmm...Lemme guess.... It was derived from the word "Crocodile"? Maybe bcos barely looking at it, it looks like the body of a Crocodile.... Don't know if I'm correct sha...but itz a guess anyway.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

#MakeThatMove #BreakTheBarrier: Close Up Storms New Hall, Unilag....

Today was a bang mehn...!

New Hall was filled with lots of students as Lamu, the microphone magician was live on campus for the #BreakTheBarrier #MakeTheMove by Close Up.

Lots of competitions (dance, singing, talent show, etc) took place and lots of prizes were won.....checkout some of the pics below...

Monday, 20 February 2017

....So, my country is the most corrupt one on earth

was surfing the internet last night...and I saw sumtin dat baffled me. It says "Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world". Nigeria was ranked #1 amongst other countries like Iran, Colombia, Pakistan, etc.

Ever since I was a kid, we all have bn praying for Nigeria + fighting against corruption (datz abt 15yrs ago)....but itz getting worst second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.
Can we defeat corruption?

We watch on TV, listen on the radio, see on the internet, read on newspapers different news of Politicians stealing our money....millions...even billions of naira. Not only the politicians are involved but also the citizens, policemen, businessmen, MDs, Heads of dept....I cant just stop mentioning them. We all are corrupt. We keep on blaming our leaders for the downfall if dis country...the question is "What have u done to fight corruption?".

We can't fight corruption at the top without dealing with  the ones around us....the ones we see with our naked eyes....on the our our places of schools...even in the church. Yes! I said "Churches". Do u know dat we have corrupt members in churches. U're wondering how? God has instructed us to pay our tithes... 10% of our monthly salaries.... But no! We start to negotiate with God....datz when we remember we want to do one or two tinz with the money (God's money). OK! Enough of d preaching.

Well, I'm not dat kinda of dude dat loves politics alot (people like IBK. Dis guy can argue politics for Africa)...if not, I would have gone extra mile discussing about corruption.... Even mentioning some corrupt leaders in dis country. (Mouth sealed...make dem no kan arrest me.) Am still a small boi who wants to enjoy life to the fullest *tongue out*...I no get time for police and their wahala....Before they say one UnilagPwins got arrested for accusing sososo leader. Na dem sabi.

We all should join hands together to fight against corruption. Some people say it is not possible to kill corruption.... My brother it is very possible...if u believe and act towards ur belief.

Nigeria can be the best country (hmmm...big dreams). Trust me!

Sorry! if u were expecting a long post...I write as d spirit leads *winks*....see u ma next post.. #I'mOff


SkyPrince (Unilag finest boi😊)

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Interesting tinz u need to know about Unilag babes & their hostel

I want to look for trouble ooo...I just pray I don't get attacked by doz Unilag babes *tongue out*

I came across this post online....and I've decided to share it here....Enjoy!

After reading you can agree or disagree with this school of thought. if you didn’t attend that school you cannot say for sure even though you might have heard hair rising stories concerning the subject matter….

According to iCampus: ”To fully understand UNILAG girls, you need to dig deep and know the hostel they reside in school."

There are different categories of babes in UNILAG base on their hostel.
A UNILAG babe in hostel A is distinctively different from the one in hostel B, the only two things most UNILAG babes have in common is love for money and love for chicken and chips.

There are seven female hostels in UNILAG namely: Moremi, Kofo, Madam Tinubu Hall (MTH), Honours, Makama, Fagunwa, Amina… So let’s begin with these categories.

Makama, MTH and Fagunwa Girls (SUYA GIRLS):
Makama chics: It is said that to get a girl from Makama, all you need is two hot meat pies, a chilled bottle of Fanta and she’s all yours. Please make sure the meat pies are hot and the Fanta is chilled, apparently they prefer it that way.
To get MTH and Fagunwa babes all you need is just N200 Suya and they are yours. If you’re buoyant, you can take it several notches up by buying them chicken Suya instead. things like that tickle their fancy.
These three hostels are situated close to each other inside New hall (UNILAG’s ghetto) thus making them neighbours. People say new hall girls don’t have class and some say they love to party hard ,some also say they are cheap but the truth is that they aren’t classy.
They never stay inside their hostels so it’s not unusual if you see them roaming around new hall looking for boys to buy them food .

Moremi Girls (Chicken, Chips and Nerd Girls):
To get audience with a Moremi babe you must submit a plate of chicken and chips before she’ll listen to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she will answer you it just simply means she’ll give you audience.
Moremi babes prefer older men with cars and they date guys with money and mostly club boys, but we have some good girls (nerds) amongst them.

Honours Girls (Boring Girls):
Australia is a country people know about but nobody visits, that’s exactly how Honours hall is. It’s situated in a bushy swampy area in the middle of nowhere so they barely get visitors. Surprisingly, the students’ week of Honours Hall is the best female hall week in UNILAG..

Amina Girls (Aristo Girls):
I’m pretty sure you have heard about aristo and runs-girls of UNILAG, well 70% of the aristo and runs-girl stay in Amina hall, situated at the gate area. The hall is the first point of call for the big Alhajis and chiefs; when they come to pick up girls, they quickly branch at Amina Hall, negotiate the price and leave with the girls to go and complete business outside school.
Amina hall has one mad kissing spot outside it just right in front of the Queen Amina statue.
That’s where you’ll find the broke boys without cars kissing their babes, it’s always a pleasant sight to watch.

Kofo hall:
Some Kofo girls are also into runs though theirs is coded and not rampant compared to other female hostels. Rumour has it that most Kofo girls are freshers who are mostly influenced by their opposite neighbour hostel, Amina Hall. Lots of fellowship activities often held in the hostel helps to keep the girls calm thereby reducing the wayward life style. When you ask guys about Kofo Hall some will say “they are just there”.

If u're a female student in Unilag and u're in one of doz hostels mentioned above, I'll like to hear from u...just say something..and for the guys, if u want to date any unilag babe, u can follow d list above and make ur decision ASAP...pick d ones u can afford. Gudluck in ur selection.... I signout.

SkyPrince (Unilag finest boi)

Friday, 17 February 2017

Question of the day?

Came across this interesting story online...kindly read on.

There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone except her loving boyfriend who was always there for her. She said if she could see d world she’ll marry her boy friend. One day someone donated a pair of eyes to her and she could see everything including her boyfriend. The boy friend asked “you can now see the world will u marry me now? The girl was shocked to see her boy friend blind too and refused to marry him. Her boy friend went away in tears and later wrote a letter to her saying..“just take care of my eyes dear. I will always love you forever”.

Drop your answers below...

Examination is around the corner....

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! How time flies....when did we even resume to meet exam around the corner. Beautiful! This is to tell us that "Time no dey"..."no time to check time". We gat few weeks to prepare towards the forthcoming exam, which is the 1st exam of the session (of the year actually). Many students have been busy preparing (lyk us *winks*) while others are still having fun.....some still celebrating Valentine (I laugh in Spanish).

"Like play like play", after March we're entering into the season of exam, the season of seriousness....and dis is the period where;

1. Library go full: It's only before/during exam that u see students using the school library..true or true? True. Some don't even know where its located not until exam time. Lol.
That's when u now see the library looking like the brt bus stop in my area....some have not done their library registration....just try to check those u know that haven't done theirs, one/two wks to the exam come back and tell me d result.

2. Overnight reading starts: I don't even know where to start from...cos this is where u categorize 99% of the students on campus. It's like without overnight reading, u can't pass...and it's during the overnight reading u meet lots of people like;
A. The sleepers: I don't need to explain....
B. The toasters: these are people that came just to woo one/two girls. That's their mission.
C. The eaters/chewing gum babes: u'll see different kinda students eating "orisirisi" and the gals chewing gum, dsturbing d peace of d class. Nawa o.
D. The preachers: some came to preach the gospel...and u can't tell them to stop cos u no want fight with God...abi nah.
E. The TO & FROs: these people own is to move around the class. Go out & come in...they're just jobless.
F. If u have others, feel free to mention them below.

3. Tutorials go sell: the kind of customers these people with get ehn..."no be small. Who no go go tutorial when u no wan fail"
And some tutorial will also carryout their own overnight classes and set their own test/exams.

The thing is everybody wanna pass and come out with a good grade....not bad...but is it possible? Is it possible for a coffin to be sold without a dead body? Absolutely NO!
Some are going to fail while some will pass...some will be suspended while some will remain. Let's tell ourselves the truth. The only way to be among the successful ones is to do what? Start preparing now. Don't wait till March or month end. Procrastination is bad..... Do it now and know it now. Well...the ball is on ur court. Wish u success in every of ur endeavor.

Hope u enjoyed i said, feel free to comment. Let's hear from u...
See u in ma next post. Don't forget to drop ur comments and share before leaving.

Thanks for have a great day.

SkyPrince (Unilag finest boi *tongue out*)