Thursday, 2 November 2017

Lemme clear the air!

Ok! Let me make this straight!

So, some Unilag aspirants have been complaining and disturbing the peace of Lagos since the Admission list got missing on the portal (e b lyk dah missing budget) hmmm...I still don't know why the management of the school did that.

The story of the girl who had zero (odo..smh) in her post utme is now everywhere. According to the story, the girl had a score of zero (odo! I'm saying it again) and her name came up on the merit list (Chai! Not even supplementary list...we can understand dah one *winks*)...well, I know my sch..we don't admit dullards (eh! U say wat?) And for ur info, we don't manipulate *side eyes*..maybe it was a mistake during recording. OK!

And rumour has it that, it was bcos of the incident (dat zero point girl), they had to take away the list on the portal asap! Hmmm...are u thinking what I'm thinking? (In Pinky's voice)

Well, since u guys have seen ur name on the list before the removal (some guys don even screenshot am sef...make dem no go play rough play o) then there's no problem wit that...its a small ish!

U guys should just chill and prepare for the screening.. Get the necessary things ready...and hope the school resolves this!

Lemme come and be going jare...before they come and attack me too.

See u guys in ma next post... Don't forget to drop ur comments and share!

Unilag Pwins (that silly writa)


  1. humm....

    I think the list was remove for security reasons and also for irregularities in the list,like you'd mentioned about the girl with zero postutme score...

    but unilag dey fuck up oh, phew!!!


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