Thursday, 26 January 2017

My Own View On 'The Unilag Alumni Edutainment Fiesta 4.0'

The talk about the Unilag Alumni Edutainment Fiesta 4.0 has come and gone. On Tuesday, 24th Jan. 2017 was a day d students of d University of Lagos will neva forget as d event was live on campus. It was a great event as we had some performances by Harrysong, Mayorkun, Joel and some other upcoming artistes including comedians like Akpororo, Helen Paul and Omobaba.

I must say that I was very disappointed with many aspects of the show and I will try to leave pettiness aside and concentrate on salient errors, noticed from a viewer's point of view.

1. Power Palava: Hmmm, I know we all are already used to d life of "not having light at home"...Lol. So, u might b reading diz and decide in ur mind dat itz normal whereas itz wrong. Very wrong! It even got to a point wen d show was "making sense" but at a point, "NEPA take light"....huh? d next tin was...who off light? (in Ade's voice). Everywhere waz so dark. Uuurgh! Even when the "Baba for d girls crooner", Harrysong was performing, same tin happened. And I was like "what tha eff!!!" Big f*ck up. "Naso we see am o, Mr. Harrysong, pls bear with us".

2. Security: This is another factor dat can affect a show anywhere. If d security is not tight then something is wrong somewhere. Mathematically, we say, Security is inversely proportional to misconduct. I.e the lower d security, d higher d misconduct nd vice versa. (Don't mind me jare, I just loving playing with Maths *winks*). The Unilag Edutainment Fiesta wasn't so secured, as I heard from a source dat a student threatened his fellow student with a knife. Wait a minute! I thought they were searching us nah. So, after all d thorough searching, and scattering d books in our bag, a student still entered with a knife? Nawa o. I wonder if he appeared in d hall...Lol. But to be sincere, d security wasn't so effective d way I wanted it or maybe they should have filled d hall with CCTV...*tongue out*.

3. Red carpet: Events like this are meant to begin with a red-carpet show or warefa. At this point, each student can have d opportunity to share their own view concerning d event something like, "who they're expecting to see, some talks abt d events, why they were present, etc). So that d organizers can know how d students feel abt the show......

In conclusion the Unilag Edutainment Fiesta 4.0 was below expected standard and could have been better.....

Rating it over 10, I’d give it a 5, and that to me is a magnanimous score. On the other hand however, it can only get better. Here is hoping the organizers will listen to the people, plan more carefully and strive for a better show next year. All the best to them!!!

Well, this is my own point of view concerning d event...don't hesitate to share urz below....

SkyPrince (UnilagPwins)

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