Tuesday, 17 January 2017


1. SALADO -This café is undoubtedly the most patronized café in school (at the moment) even by lecturers and outsiders. Located at the SUB of the school, close to the Amphi Theater and the sport center. Salado has one of the best eating environments even though some jobless people just go there to chill without buying anything and some people also complain that the food is sometimes salty.

2. MAVIS -This café is located at the Red Bricks of Science behind JaJa Hostel close to GT Bank. Always patronized by Science students, Moremi girls, Law students, Engineering students and also bankers of the banks in this area of the school. Mavis can also be conducive until the crowd gets too much and the place becomes too hot.

3. IYA MORIA -Would have been number one, if not for the poor attitude of the vendors (they act like if you don’t buy food there you can’t buy elsewhere), the food is super good though. Iya Moria located at the DLI area of the school would have passed for number one but for the total packaging Salado has and the poor customer care of Iya Moria food vendors.

4. OLAIYA -This is without argument the café you will get the best “okele” (swallow) in school. Ranging from Amala to Fufu, Olaiya has it all. With 2 branches in school, a very good customer service, a good eating environment, a very tight total package, Olaiya is where you need to visit (if you haven’t). With locations at the FSS complex and at the complex at education bounding Amina hostel by the right, though people complain that the oil in the stew is sometimes too much.

5. AGOYIN PALACE-When it comes to bread and beans in University of Lagos, the only right place that comes to mind is Agoyin Palace. Though the food is usually too small, it is always sweet with the same taste every time. Located at the JAJA complex near the Unilag staff school, the only problem they have is expansion (the place is way too small and its always hot).
(Had to just put this in)

*CITS (AUNTY SEUN)- When you think of eating noodles out in Unilag, Aunty Seun’s Indomie is the right choice for you. With different “eroja” (spice), a conducive eating atmosphere, quick delivery (as they have to cook the noodles after your order), always chilled drinks and good customer relation. Though the café heats up as soon as Unilag Nepa do what they know how to do best.

NOTE: this is my own opinion; some Unilag girls may have other opinions as they patronize these café more than guys because they don’t cook. (No be me write this last part ooo!!!)
Source: http://musicnobs.com/2015/03/26/top-5-cafe

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