Monday, 30 January 2017

Why Students Fail During Examination....

Hello readers.... hope y'all are doing good? Well, this time it's not a gist this time *sigh* whereas it's something educative, inspiring, and can help you now even during your examination.

If I ask, why do students fail exam? I expect to get answers like lack of diligence and poor preparation. And I quite agree, particularly with all the distractions of this time. But do you know it's more than that.... Most students don't read only when it's close to exam time in which there won't be much time to cover up the whole syllabus....

Well, my drift here however is that, there are more subtle reasons why students fail exam, and attention needs to be paid to them to reduce the failure figure and rate. The reasons are mentioned below:

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Can you compose the Unilag Anthem?? If yes, read this....

The University of Lagos was established by an act of the Federal Parliament in April 1962 . Fifty -five years after , the University continues to fulfill the vision of the founders of this great Institution .
It is common practice in institutions of higher learning to have an anthem depicting their mission and vision as well as core values . The Management of the University of Lagos hereby invites gifted and competent members of the University community ( students and staff) and alumni to submit suitable lyrics – with or without music – from which the best will be selected to become a worthy anthem for the University .


The anthem should:

1. Not be more than three stanzas ;

2. Reflect creatively the mission , vision and core values of the University ;

3. Depict the status of the University as “the University of First Choice and the Nation’s Pride ”;

4. Resonate its slogan of “Great Akokites”;

5. Crystallize the philosophy of the University of Lagos ;

6. Be free of any religious traces or overtones either in sound or meaning ; and
If by music, the rendition should be artistically appealing and backed up with appropriate rhythm and orchestration.

Submission of Entry:

The entry should be sent to:

e -mail :

Secretary, Unilag Anthem Committee,

Registrar’ s Office, 5 TH Floor, Senate House ,
University of Lagos, Akoka , Lagos.

Rewards : Winning entries will attract handsome cash rewards.

Closing Date : All entries should be received on or before Friday, April 7 , 2017.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Campus Choice Awards 2017

Nigerian Campus Choice Awards presents "Campus Choice Awards 2017" tagged "unleashing the next campus celebrities".
The list of categories up for nomination are:

Thursday, 26 January 2017

My Own View On 'The Unilag Alumni Edutainment Fiesta 4.0'

The talk about the Unilag Alumni Edutainment Fiesta 4.0 has come and gone. On Tuesday, 24th Jan. 2017 was a day d students of d University of Lagos will neva forget as d event was live on campus. It was a great event as we had some performances by Harrysong, Mayorkun, Joel and some other upcoming artistes including comedians like Akpororo, Helen Paul and Omobaba.

I must say that I was very disappointed with many aspects of the show and I will try to leave pettiness aside and concentrate on salient errors, noticed from a viewer's point of view.

Sunday, 22 January 2017


Meet 22year old Oyindamola Omotuyi who is set to convocate on the 24th of january as the Best graduating student for the 2015/2016 session from the department of Systems Engineering with a perfect cgpa of 5.0

Here’s our short interview with her.

Was 5.00 GPA your target from the day you got into Unilag?
Not at all. When I finished my first year, my fellowship- The Redeemed Christian Fellowship had overcomers award and encouraged us to do well academically even spiritually so I was challenged by it.

Were you this exceptional when you were in secondary school? Like you had straight A’s in your WAEC?
I had 1st position from Jss1-Sss3. I also finished as the best graduating student in my set. Though I did not have straight As in WAEC but they were all distinctions.

How easy was it to graduate with a 5.0?
Well, I must say it’s been God all through. He provided wisdom at every point. Also, He brought my coursemates and friends who helped me immensely. The likes of Laurina, Rotimi, Gbemi, Yemisi, Tofunmi, The 5, Squad45, Samah, Fesobi, Bidemi, Queenette, TLP etc. I worked a lot with people. It’s good to include that there were challenges but the beautiful thing is that they were for a short while. It was not easy but considering the fact that God provided strength all the way, I would say it was easy with God

How often did you use the library since there were many things to read?
To be candid, I went to the library mainly in my first year. Most of my readings were in my room and faculty.

What would you advise students, both the incoming and those already in school, to do to have an excellent result?
It’s good to read but yet read rightly. Ride on the wings of those that have gone ahead. Ask questions about the nitty gritty of the course and what the lecturer wants. During exams, write what your lecturer want to see not what you want to write. Work with your classmates. I must say that I did what every normal student will do e.g. Read, go for overnight etc. But what kept me there and sustained me is the Lord. Thank you.

Source: campusclique

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


1. SALADO -This café is undoubtedly the most patronized café in school (at the moment) even by lecturers and outsiders. Located at the SUB of the school, close to the Amphi Theater and the sport center. Salado has one of the best eating environments even though some jobless people just go there to chill without buying anything and some people also complain that the food is sometimes salty.

2. MAVIS -This café is located at the Red Bricks of Science behind JaJa Hostel close to GT Bank. Always patronized by Science students, Moremi girls, Law students, Engineering students and also bankers of the banks in this area of the school. Mavis can also be conducive until the crowd gets too much and the place becomes too hot.

3. IYA MORIA -Would have been number one, if not for the poor attitude of the vendors (they act like if you don’t buy food there you can’t buy elsewhere), the food is super good though. Iya Moria located at the DLI area of the school would have passed for number one but for the total packaging Salado has and the poor customer care of Iya Moria food vendors.

4. OLAIYA -This is without argument the café you will get the best “okele” (swallow) in school. Ranging from Amala to Fufu, Olaiya has it all. With 2 branches in school, a very good customer service, a good eating environment, a very tight total package, Olaiya is where you need to visit (if you haven’t). With locations at the FSS complex and at the complex at education bounding Amina hostel by the right, though people complain that the oil in the stew is sometimes too much.

5. AGOYIN PALACE-When it comes to bread and beans in University of Lagos, the only right place that comes to mind is Agoyin Palace. Though the food is usually too small, it is always sweet with the same taste every time. Located at the JAJA complex near the Unilag staff school, the only problem they have is expansion (the place is way too small and its always hot).
(Had to just put this in)

*CITS (AUNTY SEUN)- When you think of eating noodles out in Unilag, Aunty Seun’s Indomie is the right choice for you. With different “eroja” (spice), a conducive eating atmosphere, quick delivery (as they have to cook the noodles after your order), always chilled drinks and good customer relation. Though the café heats up as soon as Unilag Nepa do what they know how to do best.

NOTE: this is my own opinion; some Unilag girls may have other opinions as they patronize these café more than guys because they don’t cook. (No be me write this last part ooo!!!)

Sunday, 15 January 2017


Phone sex is common among teenagers and adolescents. I am not saying adults don’t do it. Phone sex could be oral or written. Thanks to blackberry messenger the latter has become more common. From peoples’ views, I heard it’s so fun, yet annoying because after everything has been said (typed) & done, one goes to bed alone horny. A mere late night chat leads to loads of things…….

Mr. Yinkxx: hello

babydammy: hi.

Mr. Yinkxx: how are you doin?

babydammy: I’m fine oh. Right where you leave me.

Mr. Yinkxx: #gbagaun

babydammy: ode ni e. Mistake jo. U sha left me.

Mr. Yinkxx: ah ahn! How can u say dat?I dint leave u jo.

babydammy: yes, you did.

Mr. Yinkxx: sowi, I’ve been busy with work.

babydammy: I bliv u sha.So how are you doing?

Mr. Yinkxx: doing fine, omo-boy gas hustle naw.

babydammy: true! and how’s your gf?

Mr. Yinkxx: she’s fine, she hz traveld for 2weeks now.

babydammy: ok

Mr. Yinkxx: I miss u oh. Really long I saw u mehn. Esp that your smile

babydammy: *iBlush*I miss u too.

Mr. Yinkxx: when r we seeing sef?

babydammy: depends on you now. You know babcock is on holiday, u’re the busy office guy.

Mr. Yinkxx: lol… how about this weekend. We see a movie, then get drinks & go to my place.

babydammy: if you say so oh.

Mr. Yinkxx: I mean it jo.. u know I alwz love ur coypanyCompany*I cant wait to see you.

babydammy: I cant wait to see you too. I like your DP, cute!

Mr. Yinkxx: thanks hun. So what you doing atm?

babydammy: nothing. Jus lying down & chatting with you dear.

Mr. Yinkxx: same here. Lying down in my room alone.

babydammy: don’t worry I’m coming to keep u company.

Mr. Yinkxx: lol.. I so wish dear. I miss our last time out.

babydammy: I miss it too. It was such a wonderful time.

Mr. Yinkxx: I miss kissing u…

babydammy: Hmmm.. I hear you. Dt made me close my eyes for a bit

Mr. Yinkxx: looking forward to this weekend……wanna kiss ur lips, neck, boobs & tins

babydammy: Omg.. pls stop Yinka. Don’t make me start thinking already

Mr. Yinkxx: & I will like u to kiss me back passionately.Making ur head fallin back when I kiss ur neck & touch ur boobsOnly if I cud make a wish rite now. You will appear in my room

babydammy: Ughhhhh…Stop…I want!!!……

Mr. Yinkxx: Tryin to get it off my head

babydammy: In dt bit second, d feelin wz mad

Mr. Yinkxx: I wish u cud just knock on my door rite now. I open up for you & ders this long silence & stare.

babydammy: what will now apn after d long silence & stare *sigh*

Mr. Yinkxx: Make u lean against wall, my right hand on ur cheek & d other on ur waist…kissing you affectionately

babydammy: OMG!!!

Mr. Yinkxx: Ur hands around me too

babydammy: Jeez!!!!

Mr. Yinkxx: Sliding my fingers into ur hair…as kiss goes on

babydammy: u know jus how I like it. I am staring at your pic and biting my lips,*Dreaming n imagining*

Mr. Yinkxx: My oda hand coming up slowly, caressing ur curves Ur moaning quietly too

babydammy: OmfggggI miss u so much I wanna cry

Mr. Yinkxx: Touching ur boobs Bending to kiss ur neck, lick ur ear

babydammy: Ahhh!! Yinka, Uv killed me

Mr. Yinkxx: Ur hands restlessly all over me

babydammy: U sure knw how to get me

Mr. Yinkxx: Touchin ur boobs as u rip off my shirt, I unlock ur bra wit a snap we lying down, & I’m just goin to suck on d boobs

babydammy: OmgOmgOmgUr making me want you so much

Mr. Yinkxx: you know I cant resist you

babydammy: I am freaking turned on.

Mr. Yinkxx: In a split second, ur top is off. D body kissing is more Slowly from ur cute lips Gently to ur neckHands on ur boobs & down & down

babydammy: i picture u inside me

already.Omg.. I’m wet Heart is beating real fast here Ohhhh lawd!

Mr. Yinkxx: I want to slide ur panties to d left & lick u upTickle u wit my tongue

babydammy: Oooooooooh myyyyyyy gawd!!!!

Mr. Yinkxx: Tongue rubbing fast on ur c**t, as u grab your boobs firm

babydammy: OMGooooodnesssssss!!!I dnt thnk I’ve ever wanted you ths much b4Uv made me so horny

Mr. Yinkxx: IMG01193-20091009-0222.jpg (57.89 KB)

babydammy: OmggggggggggggggggI wantttttAhhhh

Mr. Yinkxx: first tin on Saturday, even before movie.

babydammy: pls yesss! Ths is sweet torture

Mr. Yinkxx: My hard d**k point rite in front of ur V as I step to kiss u again

babydammy: Ahhhh jeez

Mr. Yinkxx: Licking ur lips

babydammy: plsssss stop Ur making me want you yinka more thn everOmggggggI’m so freaking wet

Mr. Yinkxx: I’m imagining u holding my dick
babydammy: I promise to treat it way beta dan I’ve alwz don.

Mr. Yinkxx: Awww I just held it.Hardest I eva seen A warm place it craves

babydammy: Ahhh ths is so bad Gawd! I want u to slide inside me as slow as possible.
Mr. Yinkxx: yes, baby.

babydammy: than fast & good like u alwz
did.Ok! Ok!! Ok!!! Stop!!!! I’m sorry I had to interrupt that.

Your guess is as good as mine; saturday went very fine & mad. But the remaining part of the night was terrible for yinka & dammy. I’m sorry if you felt restless while reading the convo. I really think this act should stop. Phone sex does more harm than good. Shikena!!! You can fix an appointment for your braps, but spare yourselves the torture.

N.B: this is not a porn blog, neither is it a #subliminal against you. I sense guilty conscience.



Are you a fresher in Unilag in the Faculty of Science or Education? Here are tips on how to get at least 4.5/5.0 at the end of the semester

Dear year 1 faculty of science and education students!

I am Hammed Olawale Catalyst a year 3 mathematics and statistics student, a seasoned tutor and an advocate of common sense.

I write you today because your been a scholar i.e getting at least 4.5/5.0 at the end of this semester means everything to me. I write you today because I am positive that I would have done better if someone had written something like this for my set (be the change that you seek kind of orientation is making me do this). I write you today because I know you need proper guidance and sanguine orientation so as to reach beyond the skies. I write you today because I know you are not sure of what and what you really need so as to do exceptionally well. I write you today to add direction to your magnitude.

I will like to describe this semester as the semester FSCs because you all irrespective of your department will offer FSC 111 - 115. Now let me critically tell you how to get all A(s) in all the FSCs.


(1) FSC111 (Biology)

Please attend all classes for this course and ensure that you are actively involved by writing and asking questions when you don't get it.

Trust me you will enjoy the lecturers so much.

You will be asked to register for laboratory work please do but try not to be the first set of people to go and register because the earlier you register determines how early you do your practical on your day. This is because the first set will come down to tell you everything they would have done before you go up and trust me, it is the same thing you go and do when you get there so been second or third set on your own day gives room for asking early birds some questions which means you already have your answers ready in your head before entering the laboratory unlike them.
Don't try to write any answer on any paper before going in o.

Do not miss your 3 labs for anything!

Read your note and any other material you get. (I have a material for you for free).

Get familiar with at least 3 years examination past questions. Past question comes out a lot.

Do all that and get your A!!!

Saturday, 14 January 2017


1. Customer care agents:
This category of people will keep on receiving calls from the time they came to class till they sleep off. If you sit beside them "sorry" and it is more among ladies.

2. The lookers:
This category of people will make sure that they look at any slightest movement around them. If they ever see a beautiful/handsome girl/guy then they will never cease catching a glimpse at her/him. You will even wonder if these people actually came to study or to observe others study

3. The late comers:
This is common among girls. When you get to class from 6-9pm, you will discover that the class is almost empty. They are waiting till 11:30 when their presence will be noticed.

4. The preachers:
I am sure this set of people annoy every reader in that class but nobody could pick the courage to talk to them because nobody wants to be tagged enemy of God’s word. The worst part is that these preachers come to preach when they are tired of reading and want to stretch themselves, but they aint really common in unilag

5. The itinerant readers:
They are people who move in and out of the reading room every ten minutes. Sometimes you see them walking about the corridors. In an extreme cases they can read in four to six different classes in a night.

6. The unarmed robbers:
Yes I call them unarmed because they look very innocent when they are reading beside you waiting for the operation time. They steal things like phones, reading lamp, purse/wallet, laptops, wrist-watches, textbooks etc depending on the person’s level of expertise and stealing intentions.

7. The chronic sleepers.
Hmmmmm, this set of people will just enter the class and lay their face on the desk and sleep off. They will not open their book from the time they came in till the time they will leave. They are always victims of the category of people above. The bad thing about these set of people is that they snore without regards and they fart without conscience.

8. The ash-crammers:
They are our first classers, they will start reading from the time they came in till dawn. Sometimes i wonder what they will be doing during the day.

9. The eaters::
They will buy biscuit, viju-milk, lacasera, gala, chewing gum, in fact all the snacks in the world just to attend night class. You will wonder if you are in nursery class or university night class.

10. The pingers:
This set of people will never let their phones be. Some will even come with up to three phone. Pressing their phone every now and then that you will wonder if they are actually studying or proof-reading on social media

11. The single and searchers :
If i mention everything without mentioning our guys and babes who come to night class to look for partners then my list is incomplete. This is for people who are single and searching every night.

12. The last of it all is the couples:
They will come to class together, continue talking, chatting and touching each other until they are tired then off they go. They have gone to night class noni.

Source: AkokiteLounge


Are you a fresher in Unilag? Are you a great Akokite? Do you rep #TeamUnilag
It's here again....the Unilag Fresher Party in collaboration with DJ Blaq Beatz Birthday Bash (Unilag FM DJ)

Venue: 25, Ibikunle Str., off Unilag road, Yaba.
Date: 27th January, 2017
Time: 3pm


University of Lagos Science Students Association Fresher's Week coming through and it's a complete package for all Ulssaites

Time: 1-3pm
Venue: LT026
This includes talks on mentorship, how to overcome distractions in school, Building your CGPA, etc

Time: 12-2pm
This involves sensitization on the academic and welfare packages available for staylites and involves cleaning of our immediate environment.. as we know Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Time: 1pm-6pm, Venue: LT009
This involves Board  Video Games with mouth-watering cash prize rewards attached

Time: 3pm till night fall
Venue: Science car park extension
Enough Barbecue and Free Punch for Freshers







Date: 18/1/17
Time: 1pm-6pm,
Venue: Quadrangle

This involves Board-Games between 1-4pm (Ludo, scrabble, monopoly, draft, ayo, chess, table tennis, etc) and Video Games between 4-6pm @ Lt009 (PS3&4) 🎮🎰🎮 and there will be mouth watering rewards 🏆.





Courtesy: Unilag Pwins

Edutainment 4.0

Here comes the turn up of 2017. It's the biggest and the most colourful programme in January....last year we had the likes of koffi, Kenny blaq,  Teju baby face and many more....

Now anticipate  no more

Edutainment 4.0

As usual
Microphone Magician:

Harrysong, Mayorkun, koker, Jaywon

✅ Comedy:
Akpororo, omobaba, Helen Paul

Date: 24th January, 2017
Time: 4pm
Venue: Sport Centre Unilag

✅ Gate fee: free for all

Don't miss it as the memories will be unforgettable.........

Produced by:
Bunmi Davies

Supported by:
Obrigado entertainment

Security  guaranteed


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hello folks!

Hi readers....

You might be wondering, "watz dis blog all about?" Got ur question, right? Chill! Don't u worry. As u read on u'll surely get an answer to that. Ok! Where was I?

Yaaaay! I didn't introduce maself. E ma binu! (Don't be annoyed)....
I'm Prince Nwachukwu, but people call me as SkyPrince. Thinking of how I got dat awkward nickname? Lol! That'll be a post for another day jare.
I was born on 4th June, some decades ago. (I'm still a small boy oo) and was brought up right here in the city of Lagos. I'm a fresher in the University of Lagos.... One of the best Uni. in Nigeria *tongue out*.

Let's get back to business... Wat dis blog is all about. Well, it's a platform where the voice of the great Akokites can be heard.... Also I'll be dishing out some interesting gists happening right here on campus.

I hope I give you all that one thing u're experrng (in Falz voice) from a blogger lyk me and you all showing me love by revisiting and sharing my posts.



"Pain" (a poem dedicated to the victims of sexual abuse)

My Pain I remember very clearly, Tears trickling down my face, The tears, coming from the damage you caused, I ask myself, "Will I...