Thursday, 2 November 2017

I'm BAD (Back And Different)!

Hello guys! How re u all doing? I'm sure u all are good! Hmmm...its been a long time here! (Omo see curb webs everywhere). OK! So, where do I even start from? *sigh*

I've missed u guys a lot (lyk madt) and I've been trying to solve this issue on this blog..but thank God, everything is okay now! Yes! I'm back and different #BAD *smiles* let me make thus straight!

Some of u guys have been asking if I don't blog guys don't get it...I can't stop what I love doing! This is where I belong to...this is my life. Due to the issues i had here, I decided to publish my posts on my Facebook page. I just wanted to make sure I keep u guys up to date and since then I've been getting good responses on Facebook. You can check it out urself! Unilag Pwins Official Facebook Page (don't forget to Like when u visit).

I'm not just back...but back with a difference! On the facebook page we've been able to come up with new weekly posts...e.g on Saturdays, we have the Saturday Hook-ups...Sundays, the Bless A Soul Sunday and lots as we move on, we get to know how the tin go! So, just sit back and enjoy! Unilag Pwins has a lot to offer you! #Watchout

So guys, see u in my next post! Don't forget to drop ur comments!

Xoxo (as if I know the meaning)

Unilag Pwins #ThatSillyWrita


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