Thursday, 2 March 2017


Keeler....wat an awkward name...still wondering how diz name came to life...hmmm...from the little English I know, "keeler" and "killer" are homophones (same sound) /ˈkɪlɚ/ (as if I know how to transcribe....for my mind). But how can a lady call herself "keeler"? U're also surprise? Yes.....itz a name of one girl in my dept. She said her nickname is "Keeler"....uuurgh! For Heaven's sake how come???

Well, her real name is Helen....she's beautiful (not 100% sha)....with figure infinity 😁 and I heard she's dating one guy lyk slim and handsome guy (not better than me sha).
But I don't know if he has ego (money)💵 Cos datz d main tin...if u no get money, u no fit handle any Unilag babe with ease....even Davido said it "owo ni koko" I was saying...She's dating one guy in my dept...he's name? You don't need to know...but if u can decode it, gud for u.....

You add the letter before E to what the Yoruba call "honey"....

Datz it....I know u must have gotten his name. Ur biz!

If u're looking for diz girl...just mention dat name, Keeler and they'll know who u're looking for....immediately.... To tell u how popular she is in my dept.

So, Ms. Keeler....we want to know how u got dat nickname...wat motivated u to chuz dat name.....? tell us oooo....we're waiting!

Note: This post wasn't against anyone....pls don't take it serious.

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